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Name: Jeremy Daniele
Age: 34
Occupation: Technical Support Engineer

September 3, 2021:
Big news in the history of The Internet. Yahoo is changing hands once again.

Yahoo is Yahoo once more after new owners complete acquisition

July 2, 2021:
This is a great step! Authentication is hands down one of the best tools to fight against this type of issue.

The three major US carriers have implemented the FCC’s anti-spoofing system

May 20, 2021:
Finally, I've been waiting for this day!!! #thefuture

Snap announces new Spectacles AR glasses, which let you overlay digital objects on the real world

April 22, 2021:
Bravo to the game designer and thank you to the YouTuber for making this review.

This Is What a "Second-Person" Video Game Would Look Like

March 26, 2021:
Leadership is a passion of mine and I can't stress enough how important it is to not just rely on your own tools. It's a mindset and awareness about how human fit together.

The 4 types of personalities leaders need in their inner circle

March 12, 2021:
Actual audio from Mars!

First Audio Recording of Sounds on Mars

March 7, 2021:
Fun day at Island Beach

Sea shells on black glove.

February 12, 2021:
I sure a lot of people suffer from this. Insecurities aren't something new and even with our own professions it can be hard. Don't forget who you are and what you've done to get yourself where you are.

What Is Impostor Syndrome?

January 24, 2021:
Excellent review on WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram.

January 19, 2021:
Parler and Telegram are VERY different and I feel there's a big misunderstanding on how they operate.

Telegram is an E2E messenger service which means no one (not even Telegram) can see your messages. They also have a policy for "proactively removing public calls for violence." This is mostly just for the default non-E2E setting though.

Apple sued for offering Telegram in App Store despite alleged hate speech, extremist behavior

January 18, 2021:
Always remember even if your intentions are good they won't be understood if they can be mistaken. Be able to express yourself in a way to create a vision that other can fathom.

How to effectively give feedback to your boss

January 15, 2021:
More drones and robots!!!

Uber planning to spin out Postmates' delivery robot arm

January 8, 2021:
This is a big shift that shows users want to know their private conversations are safe.

Encrypted Messaging App Signal Sees Surge in Popularity Following WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update

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