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Name: Jeremy Daniele
Age: 36
Occupation: Technical Support Engineer

May 3, 2023:
Here we go again. I don't hate the idea, but they're pushing it hard and with little explanation.

Chrome replacing HTTPS lock icon as part of Material You redesign this year

February 10, 2023:
"Don’t get me wrong: Both extroverts and introverts have wonderful qualities. But research shows that introverts may have the upper hand."

A neuroscientist shares the 4 ‘highly coveted’ skills that set introverts apart: ‘Their brains work differently’

January 15, 2023:
Check me out on Mastodon.

January 14, 2023:
Not trying to brag but... my name will be on Mars

My name will fly to Mars on a future NASA mission. Send your name to too!

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