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Name: Jeremy Daniele
Age: 37
Occupation: Technical Support Engineer

November 16, 2023:
Hopefully, this fixes all, if not most of the technical issues. As for the blue bubbles war, that'll never end.

Apple announces that RCS support is coming to iPhone next year

May 3, 2023:
Here we go again. I don't hate the idea, but they're pushing it hard and with little explanation.

Chrome replacing HTTPS lock icon as part of Material You redesign this year

February 10, 2023:
"Don’t get me wrong: Both extroverts and introverts have wonderful qualities. But research shows that introverts may have the upper hand."

A neuroscientist shares the 4 ‘highly coveted’ skills that set introverts apart: ‘Their brains work differently’

January 15, 2023:
Check me out on Mastodon.

January 14, 2023:
Not trying to brag but... my name will be on Mars

My name will fly to Mars on a future NASA mission. Send your name to too!

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