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Last Day
By Jeremy Daniele
Published: 12/31/2019 1p EST

      Oh man here it goes. That time has come for me to part ways with Geek Squad | Best Buy. I found a role outside of the company that fits my lifelong career path. I have personal goals I must achieve and unfortunately Best Buy simply doesnít offer these types of roles outside of Minnesota. I will be the sole IT support for a satellite office in Eatontown NJ of a company named Matrix New World Engineering. This is an exciting opportunity and I couldnít pass it up.

I canít express how much my time at Geek Squad | Best Buy has helped me grow as an employee, an Agent, and mostly as a person. I always felt I had that niche for technology. Geek Squad took that and let me develop tenfold. Where I still struggle to this day is my people skills but with all the leadership training and constant repetitive client interactions Iíve drastically changed from what I was. I owe so much to everyone Iíve crossed paths with here from leaders, co-workers, partners, and even clients we see everyday.

I donít see this as an end in the slightest. I see this as the obvious next step and if something opens in the future for me here you can bet Iíd put my name in the hat. Besides, I still havenít achieved my 10-year badge so thereís always something that will keep me looking to return. I will never stop being a Geek Squad Agent. Itís something that once itís in you itís part of who you are. The quirkiness, professional, super friendly, helpful, reliable, and above all the same. Youíre that neighborhood tech that people come to rely on and come to expect as the ďwhy go anywhere elseĒ person. Thank you everyone who help me on this journey.

Double Agent Jeremy Daniele badge 32326 signing off. I can ALWAYS be reached if ever needed. I hope none of us lose touch and hereís to looking towards the future. Sleeper status activated.

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